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Djarum's... anyone...anyone?

Greetings and salutations!  Ok, so I have been lurking in this community for a while now  and wanted to officially introduce myself . I am from New Jersey and will be  relocating to Buffalo in about 2 months. My husband moved up this past September and I am FINALLY coming to join him! ( LOOONG story! lol)  Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you folks smoke Djarum clove cigarettes and/ or know where I might be able to purchase some for myself while I am in town this week?

many thanks!  :)

Am I cursed or something?!?

So....I know it's been ages since my last post but I have been extraordinarily busy as of late. Between work, my new marriage and school..I feel like I don't have time to breathe! This last year has been nothing but stress and trauma galore for me and my husband, Daufhin.
I mean, I had to have a blood transfusion just before Christmas( I am severely anemic) , followed by a weeks worth of IV iron therapy and then in May had to have massive amounts of polyps removed from my sinus cavities as well a fixing my deviated septum. For those of you who may not know, I have suffered for years with stuffy noses and allergies. The past year, however, things had finally come to a head.
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BIG new, kids!!

So...Long story short? My boyfriend Daufhin & I are getting MARRIED on April 13th, 2008!! We weren't planning on it until more like, 2009, BUT some unexpected events took place that led us to the decision to do it sooner than later.
NO, I am NOT knocked up!! LOL...

More soon!


Writer's Block: *blushes*

What is the most common compliment you receive?
  That I have sexy lips and eyes

What Do You Have To Say? - Like No Other

What makes you unique?
 Hmmm, intriguing query...Aot of things make me unique. I am  from a highly mixed ethnic background ( African-American, Scottish, German & Saponi Indian)..I am a total uber dork( entirely over informed about medical facts..), general freak and Vegan to boot! My sex drive is WAY to high, I have strong psychic tendencies and I am studying to be a holistic health consultant...


Love ya!

I LOVE my friends!!

Yay!  So, last nite was my good friend Carlos' (defy_gravity99) birthday dinner celebration at this yummy local Latin American restaurant. I guess It was technically kind of a combined celebration since Eriel's ( EddiePaxil) birthday was just one day before Carlos'.Anyhow,

Happy BIRTHday, defy-gravity99!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, Sugar Bear!! I hope you are having a Fantabulous day!! See u Saturday!!


Love Always,

Happy BIRTHday!!!!!!!!!

Here's wishing a FABulous 30th birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends, Eriel ( a.k.a. EddiePaxil)!!

Love ya!

Relax, relate..release...

So, anyway..I am fully stressing the HELL out lately!! MY job is getting hectic as well as the rest of my life! I am really starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean, in the past 2 years or so, I have been thru SOOoo much. I finally got up the courage to apply for a position at my job that seemed " out of my reach" and GOT it..but now it is testing me a bit with the massive amounts of responsibility and need for time management skills  (    of which I possess practically  NONE! )